Montrose Memorial Hospital
800 S. 3rd Street, Conference Room A
Montrose, CO
Stethoscope, pen and medical chart

Medical professionals spend precious time and effort to obtain and maintain their licenses. But what you don’t learn in school is how to navigate the regulatory structure of the state medical board. A patient complaint, small or large, can easily spin out of control and end up before the Colorado Medical Board. Sadly, how you handle the Board’s process may impact the outcome as much as your original substantive treatment of the patient.

Join Us

5 pm – 6 pm
Thursday, June 10, 2021

Montrose Memorial Hospital
800 S. 3rd Street
Conference Room A
Montrose, CO 81401

For a one-hour in-person presentation, wherein Ireland Stapleton regulatory attorney Tom Downey  will teach you the best practices for avoiding the disciplinary process.  You will learn that providing the best medical treatment possible does not necessarily protect healthcare practitioners from patient complaints or Board discipline, as the majority of cases relate to:

  • Patient communication
  • Documentation of patient charts


Tom Downey is a regulatory attorney and shareholder at Ireland Stapleton with significant experience as both a government official and private attorney. Tom helps his clients navigate all aspects of regulatory law and is well-known for untangling complicated issues that are regulated by local, state, federal agencies. Prior to joining Ireland Stapleton Tom served as an Assistant Attorney General who prosecuted disciplinary cases on behalf of the Colorado Medical Board against physicians’ licenses. Now, in private practice, he defends doctors and other healthcare professionals facing discipline.