Political Advisor to the UK’s Prime Minster, Oliver Dowden visits Denver as part of State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program

Ireland Stapleton through its affiliation with WorldDenver, hosts a meeting between Oliver Dowden, political advisor to the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, David Cameron and Denver Post reporter, Tim Hoover.

Dowden, who is on a 12-day, multi-city US tour sponsored by the State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program, Meridian International and WorldDenver, met with Hoover today. Hoover provided an overview of the state’s political landscape including Colorado’s position as a swing state, voter affiliations, the significance of the youth vote, the state’s current position in polls for the national election and issues Colorado voters want to see addressed both locally and nationally.

Dowden is responsible for defending and promoting the policies of Cameron and the British Government to the public while coordinating press and research for the Conservative Party. His duties include active campaigning, articulating the Conservative Party’s platform, working on polling and campaigns, translating the party agenda into strategy and keeping the cabinet and party members on message.