Bernie Buescher is a renowned statesman, having served in many roles including, as Colorado’s Deputy Attorney General, Secretary of State under Governor Bill Ritter, and as a state representative. Now in private practice, Mr. Buescher assists clients dealing with energy, healthcare and election issues. He also represents foundations regarding organization and governance matters.

Why did you become a lawyer?

Bernie Buescher

I went to law school to learn how to use the law as a tool to solve problems. The best advice I’ve ever been given is to not assume that I know the solution to every problem. I learn more by asking questions than talking.

What is the most positive experience you’ve had as a lawyer?

I’ve had hundreds of great experiences using the law.  Recently, working to develop a redistricting proposal that was supported unanimously by the Colorado General Assembly was extraordinary. In this time of partisan bickering, to be able to work on a proposal in which groups and individuals with differing viewpoints all came together shows that if we listen to the real concerns of people, extraordinary things can be accomplished.

If you could meme your job what would that be or what’s your favorite quote?

Bernie Buescher

I am very satisfied with what I learned in law school.  I had a brilliant professor who would yell at me. “Buescher, read the darn statute!” It was such a valuable lesson.  I learned to read the source document… whether it was the constitution, the statute or the regulation.

If you weren’t a lawyer, what would you be?

I’d probably be a computer engineer.