Estate Planning

Estate Planning and Business Transition

One of our highest priorities as a law firm is helping our clients plan for the future. For our estate planning group, this means planning for transitions of all sorts in your family, in your business, and frequently, in tax laws.

Preserve Your Legacy

We know that estate planning is about more than passing on monetary wealth – it is about taking care of your family and preserving the legacy you’ve worked hard to create. We also know that family dynamics can and often do, play a key role in the decisions that are made. We are very sensitive to this and take pride in our ability to offer practical advice based on our long history performing these services.

Our lawyers have the specialized knowledge and experience to provide sophisticated advice and planning for large estates requiring careful estate, gift and income tax planning. We use wills, trusts, family limited partnerships and other structures as appropriate, to accomplish our clients’ goals. We have planned and probated some of the largest estates in Colorado. We also have experience with international estate planning.

Business Transition Services

Many of our clients are small to medium-sized businesses and the men and women who own these businesses. As difficult as it is to start and grow a business, sometimes preparing to pass the business to a new generation or new owners can be even more difficult.

Lawyers from our estate planning group and our corporate group collaborate to help clients through this delicate process with creative and carefully considered advice. Business transition is challenging, but a well-crafted and well-executed business transition plan can make this process integrate seamlessly into your business.