Ambulance Membership Programs: Ensuring Compliance with the Social Security Act

Ambulance Membership Programs: Ensuring Compliance with the Social Security Act
25 May 2014

As part of their emergency services, many Colorado fire protection districts provide ambulance and related emergency medical services. As those fire districts look for ways to better serve their communities and keep up with the ever increasing cost of providing services, many districts offer ambulance membership programs, benefiting individuals, families and the fire districts.

Because ambulance services are reimbursable by federal health care programs, fire districts must comply with provisions of the federal Social Security Act. Enforced by the Office of Inspector General (“OIG”), the Social Security Act implicitly places limitations on fire districts with respect to how ambulance membership programs may be structured. Special Districts attorneys Dino A. Ross and Matthew A. Court discuss the relevant provisions of the Social Security Act as well as the potential legal pitfalls that fire districts should seek to avoid. Read the full article, Ambulance Membership Programs: Ensuring Compliance with The Social Security Act.

Dino A. Ross, a special districts and employment lawyer at Ireland Stapleton, Pryor & Pascoe, PC, focuses a substantial portion of his practice to public and private employment law. Mr. Ross advises and assists public and private employers, including special districts, in all aspects of employment law and employment related litigation and administrative proceedings.

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Matthew A. Court is a special districts, litigation and employment lawyer at Ireland Stapleton, Pryor & Pascoe, PC. He works with special districts in a variety of areas including contract drafting, transactional matters, state and federal statutory compliance issues, property inclusions and exclusions, and employment matters. In Mr. Court’s litigation practice, he represents businesses and individuals in a wide range of commercial and private disputes. Mr. Court also works closely with large and small businesses on an array of employment issues.

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