EPA’s COVID-19 Enforcement Policy ‘Not a License to Pollute’

EPA’s COVID-19 Enforcement Policy ‘Not a License to Pollute’
07 Apr 2020

April 6, 2020 – The Environmental Protection Agency relaxed the enforcement of some environmental obligations due to COVID-19. This policy of relaxed enforcement went into effect on March 26 but applies retroactively from March 13. Speaking with Law Week Colorado, Ireland Stapleton environmental attorney Rebecca L. Almon advises that despite the relaxed enforcement, the number one goal is to comply if possible, and documenting any staffing shortages, social distancing requirements or travel restrictions in place during the noncompliance period could help prove a violation was coronavirus-related. Read more.

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Rebecca L. AlmonRebecca L. Almon is a director at Ireland Stapleton Pryor & Pascoe, PC is chair of the firm’s Environmental Practice Group. She represents both public and private entities across the country in all aspects of environmental regulation, including federal, state and local permitting; compliance; enforcement matters; water quality and wetlands protection; and environmental aspects of real estate and corporate transactions.

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