DENVER, CO (September 18, 2019) – Last night, Ireland Stapleton was recognized by the Colorado Pledge to Diversity for more than 5 years of participation in the 1L Summer Clerkship Program.

Colorado Pledge to Diversity

It was an inspirational evening with presentations by Attorney General Weiser and Supreme Court Justice Monica Marquez, and it was an honor to be among all the talent in the room – approximately 400 alumni of the program, participating employers, and judges.

The Colorado Pledge to Diversity began in 1993 as a “pledge” between 23 leading Denver law firms averring their commitment to diversity. Then in 2000, the Pledge developed its cornerstone, the 1L Summer Clerkship Program. The 1L Pledge Program provides opportunities for diverse 1L students to undergo a rigorous application and interview process for a paid clerkship with a firm or in-house legal department. The program aims to build a pipeline of diverse legal talent through attracting, cultivating and ultimately retaining students from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, University of Colorado Law School, and University Wyoming College of Law in the Denver market. Since its inception, the 1L Summer Clerkship Program has directly fueled the pipeline of diverse attorneys by matching over 400 students with paid summer clerkships.

The Firm is proud to be a founding member of the Colorado Pledge to Diversity and the 1L Summer Clerkship Program.