Ireland Stapleton Special District attorneys Michelle Ferguson and Emily Powell have received the Colorado Parks and Recreation Association’s President’s Award for 2021.

This award was given in recognition of pro bono legal services given to the organization throughout the past years. 

“Michelle and I are so honored to receive this award, and the privilege of working with CPRA is ours. We value our partnership with CPRA because it allows us to help promote parks and recreational opportunities throughout the State of Colorado, and to be a part of this wonderful team. Working with parks and recreation is also especially rewarding, because we serve not only as legal counsel to providers, but we are also consumers. My own son, at 18 months old, took his very first swim lessons at the Broomfield Community Center—the same location where we were honored with the President’s Award.”

Emily Powell

The CPRA is a nonprofit organization that works to create healthy residents and livable communities by promoting excellence in parks and recreation. Their Awards Program is designed to recognize and celebrate the individuals and organizations that contribute to the success and value of Colorado’s parks and recreation.

Ireland Stapleton’s Special Districts Practice Group works with special districts across Colorado, including park and recreation districts, fire protection districts, and ambulance districts.  They advise on a wide range of legal matters including administrative proceedings, employment law, litigation, real estate, regular and special elections, annual budgets and financing mechanisms, intergovernmental agreements, and statutory compliance.