Ireland Stapleton is proud to announce that the Firm has launched a new Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practice group.

This practice group, led by experienced litigator and ADR professional Julie Walker, will focus on arbitration and mediation services. The attorneys in this practice group are fully certified ADR professionals who have undergone significant training in ADR techniques and procedures. They have experience serving as neutrals in mediations and arbitrations around the country in a variety of commercial, consumer, regulatory, and construction related cases. 

Each of the Firm’s arbitrators serve as panel members for the American Arbitration Association and regularly act as privately appointed arbitrators. They have substantial training and experience in best practices for impartial service as skilled, unbiased neutrals and are able to utilize their deep understanding of the law and dispute resolution to reach an impartial and just outcome for the parties involved.

Additionally, the Firm’s skilled mediators are well-versed in various mediation techniques to assist parties through a dispute using communication, conflict management, and settlement processes. They can help individuals understand their diverse issues and interests as they work to find pragmatic solutions with each party’s best interests in mind.

“Alternative dispute resolution methods are being utilized more frequently by parties to avoid the long delay and burdensome costs of litigation. We are launching this new practice group to meet the increased need for parties to resolve their conflicts in more cost-effective means. We are thrilled to be expanding the Firm’s dispute resolution capabilities and to offer these additional services.”

ADR Practice Group Leader Julie Walker