Michelle Ferguson talks to Colorado business leaders on the new employment laws coming in to effect soon.

There are many new laws impacting Colorado businesses in the coming weeks. Employers need to be prepared for a whole host of new requirements surrounding equal pay for equal work, local government minimum wage, increase to the salary requirements for exempt employees under the FLSA, ban the box legislation, new posting requirements from the Colorado Department of Labor, the anti-human trafficking law, and the change to the commercial motor vehicle driver age requirements. “In this set of new employment laws, the state is really making it clear that equality and transparency are of the utmost importance,” says employment law attorney Michelle Ferguson. “There are several action items that employers need to take in the coming weeks to stay in compliance with state and federal laws. The penalties for failure to comply are at a minimum frustrating and some can be quite expensive. Employers will want to make sure to review their policies and procedures, review their application forms and job postings, and train managers and any employee involved in hiring or compensation on these new legal requirements.

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