Dockless transportation is seen as part of city-wide transportation solution to travel needs. In an ongoing effort to effectively incorporate this new option, Denver has welcomed another brand of technology, the electronic scooter. But with the new technology, the city is also looking at regulating the use and location of these electronic scooters. A year-long pilot program that started in the summer of 2018 focuses on dockless mobility vehicles, including bicycles, electronic bicycles, and e-scooters.

At the conclusion of the pilot program, city government will determine if permitting, right-of-way restrictions, location of the transportation, and other aspects of the programs were successful or need tinkering. They will do this in conjunction with city’s Denver Moves plans, also in the draft phase. Among other goals, the dockless transportation system will be assessed to determine how well it met the needs of people in the first mile of their trips and the last mile to their destinations. Different models for regulation are being considered that draw from prior regulation of bike- and ride-sharing services.

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