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The Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division (LED) is bringing in the new year with certain liquor license fee reductions for the hospitality industry. Carrying forward pandemic-related changes, the LED is also issuing Take-Out/Delivery permits for 2022. Please read on for the quick updates.

Reduced Application Fees

Effective as of January 1, 2022, state application fees are now reduced by several hundred dollars for two key licensing transactions: new liquor license applications and transfers of ownership. State fees for both filings are lowered from $1,550 to $1,100.

The LED application forms and submission procedures remain the same — the only change is the amount of fees you’ll pay to the state licensing authority. For new license applications, best practice is to pay an extra $100 for “Concurrent Review” by the state and local licensing authorities simultaneously. This small up-front fee may save you weeks or even months in government processing time before opening night.

If you submitted an application or transfer in the weeks leading up to January 1st, you may be eligible for a refund with the reduced fee depending on the circumstances.

Take-Out/Delivery Permits

Pursuant to state legislation passed in 2021, the LED created the “Takeout and Delivery Permit” application process. On-premises liquor licensees like bars, restaurants, and breweries can obtain the Permit to provide alcohol in sealed cups for to-go service or delivery.

Although alcohol to-go and delivery has been allowed in various forms since the early days of the pandemic, remember that the LED’s Takeout and Delivery Permit is now required to continue providing these services. Interested industry members can complete a one-page form and pay an annual fee of $11 for the Permit.

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