Legalization Limbo: Hemp/CBD Availability

Legalization Limbo: Hemp/CBD Availability
09 Jul 2020

Writing for the American Pharmacists Association’s Pharmacy Today, Sean Jennings and Tom Downey explain the legalization limbo that we’re in with regard to hemp and CBD products. The Farm Bill of 2018 decriminalized hemp and hemp-derived products such as textiles and CBD. Now, the FDA is tasked with governing CBD products, consumer safety measures, marketing requirements and protecting public health. Read more.

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Sean JenningsSean Jennings is a regulatory law attorney at Ireland Stapleton. He represents businesses in regulatory, government relations, and corporate matters, including licensing, permitting, zoning, compliance, government enforcement actions and investigations. Mr. Jennings works with clients in diverse industries such as alcohol beverages, cannabis, hemp/CBD, transportation, gaming, energy, public utilities, and short-term rentals. He can be reached at or 303-628-3636.

Tom DowneyTom Downey is a regulatory law attorney at Ireland Stapleton. With his significant experience as both a government official and private attorney, Mr. Downey helps his clients navigate all aspects of regulatory law. The majority of his practice consists of advising and representing corporate clients in the administrative, transactional and disciplinary processes related to liquor licensing, legalized marijuana and licenses governed by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies. He can be reached at or 303-628-3639.