Equity, Diversity, and Inclusiveness

Framed ropes representing diversity, equity and inclusiveness

At Ireland Stapleton, we acknowledge the historic and existing systems of inequity that limit opportunities in the legal profession for individuals of diverse, underrepresented, and marginalized backgrounds and circumstances. We are constantly striving to create a working environment that:

  • Supports the diversity, equity, and inclusion of all employees;
  • Attracts and retains diverse lawyers and professionals;
  • Listens to the needs of our stakeholders and works together to advance equity; and
  • Educates and equips our organization to advance equity by encouraging diversity in our business relationships, supporting organizations that advance equity, diversity, inclusiveness, and actively working to address injustice.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusiveness Committee

  • Co-Chair Sarah W. Benedict, Attorney
  • Co-Chair Lidiana Rios, Attorney
  • Co-Chair Sarah A. Hoffman, Office Services Coordinator
  • Sarah H. Abbott, Attorney
  • Barb L. Gregory, Legal Assistant
  • K.C. Groves, Attorney
  • Logan A. Groves, Marketing Coordinator
  • Malia A. Heyd, Legal Assistant
  • Russell W. Kemp, Attorney
  • Tanya S. Mundy, Paralegal
  • Zach J. Price, Attorney
  • Lauren Senior, Administrator
  • Erica L. Tarpey, Managing Director

Pledge to Diversity

In the fall of 2020, Ireland Stapleton joined several other businesses in Colorado in signing the Colorado Companies Uniting Against Racism Pledge.  We understand that words are just that, and we will be measured by our actions.  Therefore, we have committed to listening and learning about the needs of our internal and external stakeholders, to educate and equip our employees to advance equity in the workplace, and to lead alongside others to advance equity.

“Because we can, we will unite with others and help lead efforts to combat racism and social injustice.”

Erica L. Tarpey, Managing Director

Supporting Diversity in the Community

We are proud to help participate in and support other organizations that work to create inclusive workplaces and help advance equity, diversity, and inclusion, including:

  • Center for Legal Inclusiveness
  • Colorado Hispanic Bar Association
  • Colorado Pledge to Diversity
  • Colorado LGBT Bar Association
  • Colorado Women’s Bar Association
  • South Asian Bar Association of Colorado
  • Women’s Foundation of Colorado

Recognized by the Colorado Pledge to Diversity

DENVER, CO (September 18, 2019) – Ireland Stapleton was recognized by the Colorado Pledge to Diversity for more than 5 years of participation in the 1L Summer Clerkship Program. Read more.