Park in the foothills

In a 5-2 vote early on the morning of June 15, 2021, the Arvada City Council rejected an annexation and rezoning proposal that would have allowed for Amazon to build a 112,000 square-foot delivery center next to Maple Valley Park in west Arvada. Represented by Ireland Stapleton land use attorney James Silvestro, the Ralston Valley Coalition successfully argued that the proposed development is not compatible with established businesses and residential community in the area.

“We are not anti-development and respect the rights of property owners. With the right retail/office uses here, we could have the crown jewel of Arvada west. This site is not appropriate for a heavy industrial use, and we do not want Arvada to squander this opportunity.”

James Silvestro

After an eight-hour land use hearing, the Arvada City Council ultimately agreed that the Amazon use was incompatible and it was denied. Read the full article here.