In legal matters concerning client medical records, attorneys have continually been reliant on healthcare professionals to provide both testimony and medical information, often leading to disagreement. These disagreements frequently concern the scope, timing and costs associated with legal requests. In an effort to better facilitate the interaction between healthcare professionals and attorneys, the two communities have collaborated to establish the Colorado Interprofessional Guidelines. These guidelines set forth courtesies and expectations for legal and healthcare professionals. In the recently published article, “New Interprofessional Guidelines for Lawyers and Healthcare Professionals,” Thomas J. Wolf, together with Kari M. Hershey, Francis V. Cristiano, Nicholas Ghiselli and Richard P. Holme, discuss the origination and benefits of the Colorado Interprofessional Guidelines. Read the full article here.

Thomas J. Wolf is an experienced trial attorney who represents businesses and individuals, including doctors and other healthcare professionals in complex civil litigation. He has served as lead counsel in jury trials in state and federal courts across the United States in areas such as trade secrets, unfair competition, commercial lease/finance, breach of asset purchase agreements, computer fraud, real estate development and lending, commercial fraud and minority shareholder claims. He also assists clients with corporate mergers and acquisitions and the often inter-related succession planning. Mr. Wolf is Board Certified in Civil Trial Advocacy and Civil Pretrial Practice, a recognition given by the National Board of Trial Advocacy that officially recognizes the extensive education, courtroom experience and pretrial practice of certified attorneys.

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