For Denver multi-family residential property owners, the new year comes with a new license requirement.  Effective January 1, 2023, a license is now required for any property owner who rents two or more units at a single location in the City and County of Denver.  This includes apartment buildings, complexes, duplexes and other multi-unit structures.  Check out our prior article about Denver’s licensing program for further details:

Operating without the new residential rental license is a violation of Denver ordinance.  Potential penalties include fines ranging from $150 to $999, and other enforcement actions relating to the residential property.  According to the City’s current estimates, only a fraction of all multi-unit rental properties in Denver had obtained the necessary license by January 1st.

As a new licensing program, the City intends to initially work with property owners on education and compliance before taking enforcement action.  We recommend moving quickly, as the license application process includes an on-site inspection of the property by a certified, third-party inspector.

For multi-family property owners who have not yet obtained or applied for a license, expect contact from City of Denver personnel in the near future.  If you have any questions about the new licensing laws or enforcement, contact Sean Jennings at

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